Investment X Learning X Networking

Smart Capital is an angel investors’ club in Taiwan. Through our diversified investment portfolio as well as series of training courses, our angel investor members can unlock potential investment return while lowering risks. The club consists mostly of entrepreneurs, business executives and industry veterans with very diverse industry backgrounds.

Events and Courses

Membership Composition

Becoming a Smart Capital Angels Club member involves a basic background review. In order to provide better services and wholesome experience for our members, we will seek to understand the basic background of potential members and their reasons for joining Smart Capital. This ensures good fit for our members as part of the Smart Capital ecosystem.

Benefits of Joining as a Member


Pitch Day

Startups are invited to present their businesses to our members for potential investment opportunities


We work alongside startups on their business plans and strategies to increase chance of investment success


Members can participate in Smart Capital funds and/or co-invest directly for startup investment opportunities


Standard two-day Training Courses

Upon joining Smart Capital, members receive a standard two-day training package designed to analyze startup projects with Smart Capital's investment framework and methodology

Smart Capital Talk

Industry experts and veterans give talks on topics of their respective fields of expertise

Specialized Workshops

Additional in-depth specalized workshops are offered for those wishing to further their learning journey


Smart Capital Forum

Collaborative learning and sharing groups designed to address the issues and challenges faced by group members in personal, family and business aspects

Delegation Visits

We orgainzed special-purpose trips for our members to visit promosing startups, other angel clubs and successful businesses, domestically and abroad

Networking Events

Various networking events give members opportunties to network and collaborate