Smart Capital started the “Smart Capital Accelerator” program in 2019 and has worked with more than 20 startups in the program so far. Smart Capital also eventually invested in more than 10 of them. In 2021, we are continuing this tradition with our 2021 Smart Capital Accelerator, where we seek to collaborate with outstanding startups in angel or pre-A rounds of funding. The accelerator program first connects the startup team to our consultant with the relevant industry background; and the consultant will work with the team to solve their problems and help achieve their goals. With abundant resources at hand, Smart Capital also helps the team build connections in various aspects of their business.  And last but not least, Smart Capital provides a series of training courses specifically designed for startups.

Our Focus

We focus on early-stage startups

Minimum Viable Product

You have a product or service prototype ready. We prefer product or service that is highly competitive with high barrier of entry.​

Product Market Fit

Your product or service is tested for market fit. We look for paying customers and/or number of users.​

Business Model Scale

You have acquired the key know-how and resources for a viable business. You are ready to scale up and expand.​

Application Steps

Step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Smart Capital Accelerator program and eventually receive funding


Please apply here for pitch. You can use our Business Plan template. We will review your application and if selected, we will invite you to pitch on our Pitch Day.

Step 2

We hold pitch sessions across Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung regularly on Pitch Day. Many of our angel investors and consultants attend on the day to listen in and ask questions.

Step 3

We will select those startups we see with good potential to work with us in the “Collaboration” stage. A MOU will need to be signed between Smart Capital and the startup to ensure commitment to collaborate from both parties.

A specialist consultant relevant to the startup industry will be assigned to work with the startup team to solve problems and achieve goals. We also help the team make connections in various aspects of their business.

Step 4

It is in the collaboration stage where we further evaluate whether the startup in a good fit for our investment portfolio. The startup team could also take this opportunity to evaluate Smart Capital and its members as investors. After all, startup investment is a very “people” business and the investment is more likely to be mutually beneficial if investors and the startup team have good rapport.

Step 5

If we finally decide to invest in the startup, due diligence will be carried out before signing the investment agreement. Potential investors include our own Fund and our members as individual angel investors.

Step 6

Startups that we have invested in are invited to attend our annual Demo Day. This is an important event as, in addition to our members and consultants, we will invite major venture capital firms and the media to attend the event. This is a good opportunity for the startup to gain more public exposure and let more people know about their business.

Our Resources

Our Accelerator offers

Mingle Night

  1. Get to know our angel investors
  2. Mingle with other startup teams
  3. Discussion and brainstorming

Training Courses

  1. Business model building and fundraising techniques
  2. Product, marketing and financial know-how’s
  3. Instructed by Smart Capital Co-Founders

Consulting Service

  1. Dig deep into problems startup teams may be facing
  2. Solve problems with our abundant resources
  3. Build strategic business relationships

Our Consultants

Sunny Huang

New Wide Group (MD)

Vince Chen

EZprice (Co-Founder)

Vincent Liu

MOXA Networking (Founder)

Eugene Hsieh

Unicorn Capital (Director)

Matthew Wang

Matthew's Choice (CEO)

Frank Sui

An-Bang International (Director)

KC Cheng

iDGate (CSO)

Barts Lin

Hands Up Training (Founder)

Scott Chen

Ningbo Excellence Communicated Connector (Director)

Alex Hsu

EPro Law (Director)

Emillia Tsai

Jin Yuh Tarng Stationery (VP)

Oliver Hung

Taiwan Advanced System (CEO)

Rosalind Lin

PlatinumAge Management (CEO)

Toku Kao

Yuan-Tuo Investment (MD)

Stone Weng

Ducolege Biotechnology (COO)

Jeffery Yang

Sai-Ya Investment (AVP)

Pony Tsai

Verizon Media (VP)

Vincent Hsu


Peter Chen

E-Valuation (CEO)

Austin Tsai

Semtek (Director)

Jacob Tsai

Li-Hong Science and Technology
(Special Assistant)

Kate Chen

Smart Capital (Co-Founder & CEO)

Wei Du

Smart Capital (Investment Manager)

Oliver Hsieh

Smart Capital (Analyst)

Our Brands

Smart Capital Angels Club

Startup Investing and Member Services
Established in September 2017, the Smart Capital Angels Club currently has over 250 members consisting of business executives, industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs and investors who are keen to join the next generation of startups. We offer a variety of services to our members such as angel investment courses and investment target selection. We also have our own startup funds for members to invest in.

Smart Capital Accelerator

Startup Discovering and Strategic Relationship Building
The Smart Capital Accelerator offers a series of programs that help entrepreneurs gain strong footing at the early stage of entrepreneurship. From  business plan submission, pitch sessions, the due diligence process, to building strategic relationships, we help startups along the way with our abundant resources.

WorkFace Taipei

Community for The Innovative Minds
Are you a would-be entrepreneur? Are you running your own startup? Or are you already a serial entrepreneur? No matter what stage of the startup journey you are in, we welcome you to our startup community where you get to connect with the right people. We regularly hold  seminars, workshops and events for the innovative minds to share and connect!


Q:How do I get to meet potential angel investors?

A:You will get to meet some of our members as potential investors for the first time on Pitch Day. After that, if you are signed into the Smart Capital Accelerator program, you will get to meet our consultants (who could also be your potential investors) and more members throughout various occasions and events such as Mingle Night, which we hold regularly for startup teams and our members to interact.

Q:Are there fees associated with the Smart Capital Accelerator program?

A:No, absolutely not.

Q:What is included in the training courses in the Smart Capital Accelerator program?

A:The training courses are specifically designed for startups and include topics such as business development, fundraising, finance, product, and marketing etc.

Q:What kind of amount does Smart Capital invest, and with what percentage of equity stake in exchange?

A:It varies case by case. Startups have come to us for funding requirements between 5 to 50 million NTD. The equity stake we seek depends on the valuation of the startup; but we do not take majority stake of a business.

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